Hey MSHCR folks.  Here are the minutes for the last meeting of the
semester from Community Council. They have 3 big events coming up -
starting with the Midnite Breakfast tonight.  Please come out and support
if you can.  In addition, we have a new executive board for next Spring.
I would like to take this time to thank Kate McAndrew and Lori Nardacci
for all of their contributions this semester.

That's all folks.....

MSHCR Community Council Minutes

 December 9, 2003

Chelsie Henderson

Upcoming events!  All are taking place in the Hamilton Lounge.

I.  Midnight Breakfast - Wednesday, December 10th (this Wednesday!)

 1.  Food to be offered: bagels, cream cheese, donuts, orange
juice, apple juice, hot

chocolate, coffee.

 2.  Begins at midnight... be there at 11:30 for set-up!

 3.  Can Trish bring a stereo and music?

II.  Game Night - Friday, December 12th (this Friday!)

 1.  Begins at 7:30... be there at 7:00 for set-up!

III.  Chocolate Loverís Night - Tuesday, December 16th (next Tuesday)

 1.  Food to be offered: chocolate candies, hot chocolate,
chocolate milk... you get the


 2.  Begins at approximately 7:00.  We will know for sure after we
hear about

MASSAGES!  (I will let everyone know when I contact them)

IV.  Nominations and voting for executive board for Spring Semester:

 1.  Results:

  -President: Chelsie Henderson
  -VP: Jessica Lussier
  -Secretary: Karen Lloyd
  -Treasurer: Andrea Moore