In Milton, we charge the same as Huntington -- $7.00/page and it's in
the land records.

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I think in 2000 +/- the State allowed us (or told us) to now record the
UCCs in the Land Records. Since that time, I only record the UCCS in the
Land Records and do not keep a separate UCC file for UCCs after that
date. I charge the $7 per page. I find it has simplified things for me
and for the people doing research to have everything in the same
volumes, and also, now I don't have to go round and round with attorneys
regarding the fees.

I'm not in Addison County but maybe this will help.

Juli Lax
Huntington Town Clerk/Treasurer

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Subject: UCC Fees

I know we have had this question before so I apologize. Currently when
Middlebury receives a UCC and the customer wants it recorded in the land
records we charge the UCC filing fee of $10. We give the document a UCC
# and file and index appropriately. We also charge the per page fee of
$7 to record the document in the land records. This issue went back and
forth in muninet a while ago. My understanding at the time was that we
must file a UCC as a UCC if we receive it in our office and the land
recording was extra.

I have one lawyers office that gives me a hard time about the fees
everytime they record. I have Talked with Mark Reeves at Public Records
and he was not sure and advised me to contact the Sec St office. I spoke
with Linda Safford/Betty Poulin at that office and they advised that we
could charge for both recording and filing separately. But I was still
confused about some of the wording in the VT Statutes on line pertaining
to UCC Fees. I emailed Deb Markowitz and she had Gregory Sanford email a
response. Below is a copy of that response. Does anyone have any words
of wisdom on this issue?

Copy of Response
Ann: Deborah asked me to respond, though I fear I do not have the
knowledge to offer an informed response. My only suggestions are to poll
the Addison County clerks to see what they do so there is, if possible,
a consistent local response and then build a policy around the advice
you have received from Mark Reaves, Betty Poulin and the neighboring
clerks. That would show due diligence in developing a policy based on
apparently contradictory statutory guidance. You may want to see if your
colleagues have had similar problems and whether the VMCTA would want to
pursue clarification through legislation this coming session. Sorry this
was not more helpful. Gregory

Ann F. Webster
Middlebury Town Clerk/Treasurer
94 Main Street
Middlebury VT 05753