Hi Kim:

As Town Clerk of Northfield, you are the custodian of the certified grand
list that gets lodged with you after conclusion of listers' grievance
hearings. 32 VSA 4151. This is a paper document, not an electronic document.

The custodians of the NEMRC electronic grand list are the listers. So
technically, InfoUSA should be asking the listers, not you, for this
document. However, if the listers are ammenable, I think you could burn a
disk of the NEMRC grand list that you sent to PVR. Bear in mind that InfoUSA
has to pay for the disk and any time over 30 minutes you folks spend on it,
consistent with either your town policy (if you have one) or the schedule
put out by the Secretary of State. You can require payment before delivery
of the public document, too.

Call if you need any help on this.

Charles L. Merriman
Special Assistant Attorney General
Department of Taxes, Division of Property Valuation and Review
PO Box 429 State Street
Montpelier, Vermont 05601-0429
Tel. (802) 828-2731
Facsimile (802) 828-5873

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> I received a request from InfoUSA, Inc for a copy of our grandlist. I
> understand this a public record and I should fill the request is this
> correct? They are asking it be sent either e-mail or on a cd in ASCII
> format. Just would like some input as to how anybody else would handle
> Thanks & Happy Holidays to all!!