Hi Sandy:

I don't know -- sorry. Maybe some TCs who deal with public records requests
know and can help you out.


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Subject: Re: copy of grandlist

> If this is a "Certified Copy" that we are providing does it get charged
> the "certified rate?"
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> Subject: Re: copy of grandlist
> Hi Kim:
> As Town Clerk of Northfield, you are the custodian of the certified
> grand
> list that gets lodged with you after conclusion of listers' grievance
> hearings. 32 VSA 4151. This is a paper document, not an electronic
> document.
> The custodians of the NEMRC electronic grand list are the listers. So
> technically, InfoUSA should be asking the listers, not you, for this
> document. However, if the listers are ammenable, I think you could burn
> a
> disk of the NEMRC grand list that you sent to PVR. Bear in mind that
> InfoUSA
> has to pay for the disk and any time over 30 minutes you folks spend on
> it,
> consistent with either your town policy (if you have one) or the
> schedule
> put out by the Secretary of State. You can require payment before
> delivery
> of the public document, too.
> Call if you need any help on this.
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> Subject: copy of grandlist
> > I received a request from InfoUSA, Inc for a copy of our grandlist. I
> > understand this a public record and I should fill the request is this
> > correct? They are asking it be sent either e-mail or on a cd in ASCII
> > format. Just would like some input as to how anybody else would handle
> this.
> > Thanks & Happy Holidays to all!!