Kathy, will we be getting the same number of machines.  For instance, we
have two machines here, will they both be replaced?

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Good morning All.

I will be sending an official letter out to Town Clerks in January.  We were
waiting for the
Governor's approval of a sole source contract before sending out an official

It is our intention to have new Accuvote machines provided to all Optec III
P towns or
cities for use in the March 2 Presidential Primary and Town Meeting vote.

If your Optec III P is still working and you want to wait until after Town
Meeting, please
contact Kathy DeWolfe and we will postpone delivery.

We plan to provide training in the Chittenden County area on February 3 for
the new
machines and in the Rutland area on February 4 for the new machines for
clerks who
will be switching.  Any clerks already using Accuvote are also welcome to


It is our intention to have new Accuvote machines provided to all Eagle
towns or cities
during April or May and to provide training at two locations in June.

E S & S

It is our intention to have new Accuvote machines provided in May and to
training at two locations in June with the former Eagle users.

Any Towns that have notified me and pass articles to change to voting
machines at
Town Meeting this year will be provided machines and trained witht the Eagle
and ES &
S users.

I will be sending out a more detailed letter to all town clerks in January.

Best Wishes for continued enjoyment of your holidays.



Hi Kathy - I have left this for you to respond to.  Deb
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> Hello to all users of Optech or Eagle tabulating machines
> purchased
> through ES&S.  I have received several calls from other Eagle
> and
> Optech users who have received a maintenance contract we
> need to sign
> and send back.  The question is when will we have to trade in
> these
> machines for the Accuvote machines?   I am getting several
> different
> answers.  I called Kathy Dewolfe a couple of weeks ago and
> she said
> June of 2004.  I went to an elections task force meeting this
> week and
> the clerks told me they had been told 2005.  We need to clarify
> this
> as many of us have to make a decision about this contract
> soon.
> Deb or Kathy Can you clarify for us?  Thanks.
> Also for those who didn't know Sue Johnson is longer
> working for ES&S.
> Colleen Haag
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