The town of Shelburne has over 200 accounts that are set up the same as
Deb Beckett's in Williston.  I also know that South Burlington has more
than us.
Call me if you want some specifics.


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Hello, I have set up about 50 accounts now that we
automatically withdraw from their accounts for tax
payments on the installment dates.  We also
automatically withdraw a specific amount each month
for about 15 taxpayers.  This generally works well.
The monthly payments are done for those who have
delinquent taxes due.  It has been a very positive
response to those who have gotten seriously behind in
their taxes.
Give me a call if you want any more information on
this.  Overall I am pretty happy with the ACH banking
Deb Beckett (878-5121)
--- Joan Devine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Does anyone allow their taxpayers to pay taxes on
> line?  I do not mean charge them to a credit card
> but by electronic transfer from their account to the
> City's.
> I have a taxpayer who feels he should be allowed to
> have the City's account number so when he has extra
> money he can apply it towards his taxes.
> I am totally green to this method and am curious if
> other towns are.  If so, do you think it is
> effective?  Does it cost the City extra money?  Is
> the posting of accounts a nightmare?  Does it save
> money?
> I guess I am looking for some of the pros and cons
> if it is done out there.
> Thanks for your help
> Joan
> Vergennes

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