Town of Sharon.
I have always assumed if  the check was in my hand by midnight tax due day that it was an on time payment.
Margaret, Treasurer
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Sent: Tuesday, December 16, 2003 1:55 PM
Subject: tax due date and time

One of the articles on our town warning each year for the voters to consider is date (varies) and time (4:30 p.m.) of taxes due. It also states that postmark dates will not be excepted. This information is also printed on our tax bills. We do not have a town manager system of government, so once the taxes become delinquent they are turned over to an elected delinquent tax collector.
My question relates to the recent ruling in Clarendon. A $1600 penalty charge was refunded after recommendation from the Secretary of State's office (the person came in ten minutes after the 4:00 time due). Clarendon did not vote as we do which may or may not have tainted the issue, however part of the ruling which I found most interesting  is as follows (taken from Rutland Herald article 12/12/03).
Kathleen DeWolfe stated "It is the opinion of our office that the treasurer must accept payments without penalty until midnight on the date that taxes are due". She said nothing in state law on tax due dates provides information on office hours.
Comments out there?
Happy holidays to all!
Joyce Barbieri, Wallingford Clerk/Treasurer