Joan, I have also been approached to have people pay their taxes on-line.  There are 2 major reasons I don't allow it.  First of all, I don't like to have our checking account information "out there".  I know it is on all of our checks but it just doesn't sit right with me.  The second, and biggest reason, is that with approx 7,000 parcels it would be a nightmare to track payments.  What if I "assume" that I know a payment goes to a specific account and I'm wrong??!! They wouldn't be sending in their tax slip or giving us a check with their address on it to double check ourselves.  It could create an accounting nightmare! And if I offer it to one person I must offer it to everyone.  It would become a daily task of going on-line to look at our account and then make the necessary entries in our offices to record that payment.  Way to time consuming.  Instead we offer an electronic payment which we initate on tax day which takes the money from their account as opposed to them sending it to us.
Hope this helps!
Donna Kinville
S. Burlington
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Subject: Paying property taxes on-line

Does anyone allow their taxpayers to pay taxes on line?  I do not mean charge them to a credit card but by electronic transfer from their account to the City's.
I have a taxpayer who feels he should be allowed to have the City's account number so when he has extra money he can apply it towards his taxes.
I am totally green to this method and am curious if other towns are.  If so, do you think it is effective?  Does it cost the City extra money?  Is the posting of accounts a nightmare?  Does it save money?
I guess I am looking for some of the pros and cons if it is done out there.
Thanks for your help