Verizon is having a sale.

$1000 a month for a T1 and if you sign up for a year they will through in a
router for free and take of $1200.


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The "Global Crossing" that I'm familiar with is an international company
that has built a fiber optic network. As far as I know they do not cover
Vermont, so if they are selling  T1 circuits they are probably re-selling
either Verizon or TelCove.

You are right that the Broadband Collaborative will not start providing
service until 7/1/05, but the Collaborative is not providing any frame
relay. The back bone is ATM and local WAN's are point to point. Starting
in 2005, the Collaborative will be able to secure pricing well below the
prevailing competitive rates. If you can find an alternative for a year
you'll be able to achieve both of your objectives of getting "more
bandwidth at for less $".

Although this site is not live yet, a complete business plan and ongoing
updates will be available at


School Information Technology Discussion <[log in to unmask]> writes:
>At Enosburg we are considering making a change from our current Frame
>Relay T1 Govnet circuit to a Point to Point dedicated Tier 1 circuit with
>an ISP called Global Crossing.  Has anyone had experience with either this
>company or the difference between Point to Point vs. Frame Relay?
>My understanding of Vt Consortium is that it won't begin before the next
>funding year, and will provide only Frame Relay circuits.
>Basically we all need more bandwidth for less $, and I'm hoping to gather
>some info that will help me make a decision in time to get erate and make
>a timely changeover.
>I'm open and apprecitive to any input regarding this matter, thanks.
>Rob Gervais
>Technology Coordinator
>Enosburg Graded School District
>Enosburg, VT 05450

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