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Thanks for taping and for the offer to provide those who were unable to attend any of the ILN sessions on the State Educational/Information Technology Plan the opportunity to get a video. Just as background, all four of the sessions were similar in design, so seeing one will suffice.

If you DID attend one of the session or view the tape, please know that the sessions were intended to do more than inform you. We need your ideas, direction, insights, and priorities to be reflected in the State Plan. Without your input, the plan will only be a "shelf" document. With your input it can be a usable guide for all of us in schools, and those working on your behalf at the state level.

Please send your thoughts to me by January 5 at: [log in to unmask]

There will be another round of ILN conversations following the next draft/update to the existing draft that was discussed yesterday.

Thanks to all who have participated to this point. Twenty-nine ILN sites participated in at least one of the four recent sessions.

Bill Romond

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For any one that missed any of the State Technology Plan ILN sessions
I taped last nights session. If for any reason you want a copy of it
bring a blank video tape to Winooski School District and I'll make a
copy for you. You can also mail me a tape to the address below in my
signature file. If you want the tape returned we can figure something
out for the return postage.

- Bryan

Bryan Thompson
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