In North Ferrisburgh our Cardinal count is down. So far we only seem to have one pair where as we used to have 10 or 12 pair. The Chickadees are making up for them though. How do you count them... they are always on the move! We have started getting C. Redpolls coming this past weekend with the storm. I also had about 5-10 Robins still hanging around in the Cedar trees. The weekend before the storm we had a pair of Flickers hanging around. Maybe they will stay for the Xmas count. There were also a group of Ravens 2 weeks ago.

The one winter when we had one lone Bobwhite it would sleep under our woodshed and then come out in the morning to feed. She made it through the winter, but never showed up again.

Merrie Perron
North Ferrisburgh

On 09 Dec 2003 11:51 EST you wrote:

> posting from Larry Haugh....
> >Hi all,
> >One of the nice enjoyments of the winter in our back yard is the great
> >number of cardinals that can show up in a group to add color to the bare
> >bushes in back near the feeders. They are here as usual this year for me.
> >This last weekend I had up to 14 at one time, with most of those males.
> >(My yard record may be 20 seen in 2002.)
> >
> >A female N. Bobwhite that had visited earlier in the season, came back
> >this last weekend. The big surprise on Sunday, after the big snow fall
> >here, was seeing her up in the hopper feeder getting her share of
> >sunflower seeds! She always had stayed on the ground before. I hope she
> >finds a way to survive the winter without a covey to keep her warm.
> >
> >I hope the occasional reports of redpolls in New England mean that
> >eventually I will get to see one this winter too, but no luck so far.
> >Larry Haugh
> >
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> >At 12:29 PM 12/7/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> >>Two C. Redpolls in Shaftsbury before the storm.
> >>A question: in general are people seeing fewer cardinals this winter? We
> >>usually have up to ten pairs - especially during a storm. This year we
> >>have one male, one female.
> >>Bonnie Dundas [log in to unmask] 4477433.
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