That's a good point Bill.  VTBIRD guidelines request that
contributers use an informative subject line.  I usually send
a note to the offender if their subject line is blank.
Some recent subject lines have been so general as to be
worthless and might as well have been blank.

I have been considering adding "[VTBIRD]" or some such tag
to all messages posted to the list.  If you think this is
a particularly good (or bad) idea please let me know.

I've also considered sending out regular administrative
postings to remind everyone of list guidelines and other
information available on the VTBIRD web site:

Consider yourself reminded! And know that I welcome your
feedback (even if I don't agree with it in the end).

Good birding!
Ernie Buford
VTBIRD List Owner

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, William Calfee wrote:

> It would be helpful, in these days of spam, if everyone put something in the
> subject line that relates to the bird or location. Otherwise I delete them
> without opening.
> That will also help if the email are filed for future reference. Write a
> subject that will indicates what the mail is about. Thanks,

> ----- Original Message -----
> Subject: today
> > Today a trip along Champlain from the bridge to Button Bay produced:
> >
> > 6 c. loon,  2 long tailed ducks, 1 bald eagle (a.) , huge flock of c.
> > goldeneye, 1 hoodie, too many mallards, 20 blacks, horned grebes, c.
> > mergs.                        Sue Wetmore
> >

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