I wrote a post this morning, but have not seen it--my server may have
eaten it.  Apologies if it did go through and this is a duplicate.

Yesterday morning I saw a flock of what looked like redpolls from a
distance through a window in my home.  I went to the back clear glass
door to look.  I had my bins, but was not looking through them as I
noted about nine Common Redpolls feeding on the catkins on the snow
under a birch.  I scanned the birch and something immediately caught my
eye.  There were chickadees about, and for a moment the distinct
whiteness of this bird at a quick glance made me think that, but then
my mind said--hey, too small.  I looked back at the bird and noted the
white coloration was unlike any other bird in the yard.  I observed
this bird from many angles and degrees of closeness on four occasions
all morning long.  Here is what I observed.

When the bird perched on top of the feeder pole, it looked like it was
bathed in rime ice
Very light pink wash on sides of breast
Greyish-white mantle with some mottling and streaking, more blackish
and white than brown
Red head cap was smallish with white around it
Flattish face with pointy sharp look to bill, top and bottom evenly
straight to a sharp point
Undertail coverts on first look completely white, on second look there
was one short vertical streak
Had plumpish, stocky look
Like a YR Warbler has the distinct yellow rump patch, its patch was
white--on third observation I detected a small
  pink spot, and on fourth some pale pinkish color lower on rump under
Had some light streaking on side

Its behavior was distinct from the other Redpolls.  It stayed to
itself, one time alone on the thistle feeder, another time back in a
bramble, and two other times eating catkins in the tree.  It never did
join the other Redpolls on the ground.

Anyone have an opinion on this bird?

Also, this morning had a Northern Goshawk looming large over our back
field in the snow--striking!

Paula Gills