With snow a-dumpin' in the mid-afternoon on Saturday, pulled out the Tour
ARs and shoved in the Crispi Futuras... the nordic three pins on the Rossis
dont' really like the tele duckbills, so you gotta put the boots in the
bindings first, lean with all your weight on the toe closing mechanism, and
then put the boots on.

Tour stats: About 2 miles of bike trails and sidewalks.  VF- Maybe  30'?
Wax du jour: fishscales and F4 wipe on.  Turns: Does getting in the tele
stance a few times to glide down hill for 4 or 5 seconds count?

Twas fun to be out in the storm, but rather unexciting.  Afterwards waited
until 6:30 or so for the winter tires to get put on at a local shop (had
dropped the car off at 8:15 that morning).  Hit an unnamed untracked
parking lot with close to a foot in it and scored all kinds of first tracks
and face shots.  It's fun to drive sideways! Best turns of the weekend...

Still, an amazing storm, just made the wrong choice on Sunday... With the
wind and extra snow, there's still plenty of lift-served nirvana out there
for those who've suddenly developed colds.  Enjoy!

-Jim B.

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