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>Be that as it may, over the years I have suffered a lot more base damage
>in the west than in the east.  That champagne powder just goes poof and
>suddenly you are skiing on rocks.  In the east the rocks tend to get
>encased in ice or hard crust.  Every one of those ice draped ledges at MRG
>is like an old friend protecting my bases.
>There are two sides to every question.

Agreed. I've suffered more core shots in limited time in the west then many
days in the east. In addition to the ice-encrusting common in these parts,
I tend to think that MRG's rocks being geologically older and also more
frequently smacked by skis are a bit less likely to incur such a damaging

I know, there are jagged rocks in the east. But hit a single rock at a
place like Alta and you may very likely be in the market for a new
schussing device.


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