Shovelled out the driveway and got in the rally wannabee mobile by
8:50 or so.  Had  fun on the BV access road hanging the back end out
a bit and enjoying the first full day on winter tires...

Bolton was a bit of deja vu as Vista Chair was not running.  Excuse du jour
was an impact of something on an electrical component of the lift...
Whatevah!  No matter, decent crowd, paying I believe $25.  Decided the org.
Timberline plan made the most sense.

Caught three folks breaking trail about half way up, fully expecting to
know at least one of them.  Sure enough Roger and Amy Klinger and friend
Nate made for good company on the rather draining skin up.  I'm a bit glad
to hear Chromer and Hugh H. had the same problems, as bustin ssa to the
Timberline mid-station netted nuthin' but 5-15' feet of straightline
followed by a gentle but rapid cessation of downward motion...

Resorted to skiing down the skin track to get some speed, then diving
into the uncut snow... big explosion of snow, then rapid decel. to stop,
and this in a Courvillesque full lean back mode...  Ah well. Had to be
back by noon or so and made it.  Shoulda dewercs shuvlin' and headed
straight from the bed to the Sunnyside double.

Oh yeah, close to 30" in Williston... the Champ. Valley snow hung on for a
while... Bolton musta got a ton.  With semi-liquid precip due later in the
week, the b/c should be ripe very soon.

-Jim B.

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