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>As I've seen firsthand this week, Sugarbush gets it. Bromley gets it, too.
>There's no reason why Stowe shouldn't get it. If I had Denis' experience,
>there's one thing that Stowe wouldn't get: my money.

I'm not trying to stick up for Stowe's customer service department, nor
place blame on Denis, but why go into the Midway Lodge anywhere near lunch
time during the holiday ski period?  I'm sure each and everyone of us has
had a job that skcus more than anyone else could think about
how the guys behind the registers felt in Stowe's midway lodge, with eight
billion people in there as well.  That said, Stowe probably should work on
their customer service if this is a widespread problem, but I'm sure it
wouldn't be hard to find a similar situation at Killington or other mega-
busy resorts during the holidays.

Why go to Stowe?  I've skied there 3 days so far this December.  Two of
those days were some of the deepest days I've ever had on some of the best
terrain I've ever found in the northeast.  The other day was just a so-so
powder day ;)  The short list of terrain I've found just off the sides of
the trails has been quality stuff.  And I haven't even traversed more than
100 yards into the woods yet.  That place has a lot of quality ski
terrain.  That's why people go there.  Great terrain is the one thing the
Stowe brochures are not bull-gnittihs.

Same reason why a lot of us ski at Killington, even during busy periods.
The place is huge and has great terrain.  I know Bromley has the customer
service stuff down; everyone was incredibly nice there.  But, what about
the mountain itself?  I'm sure many would agree with me that after two
days in a row there, you'd need a break.  I know that after skiing there
yesterday it was great and the staff was excellent, but would I've gone
back today?  No.  I wouldn't have.

It all comes down to the skiing.


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