Jeez, I think Stowe is a pretty great place.  Besides the obviously
fine terrain and ski patrol who are not kcidheads, Stowe also has
fairly reasonable lift prices considering it's the best ski area
in VT (Stowe card, good price for 2+days, good price for 1/2 day).
I mean really, you want ripoff, look at K mart.  $72 for a holiday
lift pass.  Stowe also does a nice job with their website.

Also, a rather diverse, civilized clientele.  I have had many
interesting rides up the Stowe gondola talking to strangers while
I usually exit the Kmart gondola shaking my head about what ssabites
inhabit MA, NY and NJ.

While it's true that the food is expensive, it tastes OK (unlike
Kmart where the food is a ripoff and is also lousy quality).

I will certainly keep going to Stowe.  A few hassles during an over-
crowded holiday period is no big deal in my book.  We have to look
at the big picture.


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