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Or perhaps they don't care because in 2002, their parent company AIG
realized 5.5 billion dollars income on 67 billion in revenues. They also
report some $561,229,000,000.00 in assets. There is not a single mention
of "Stowe" in the 176 pages of annual report -- well, not quite true.
Honorary Director Houghton Freeman, Retired Vice Chairman, lists Stowe
Vermont as his home address. Stowe could lose several millions of dollars
in lost sales to disgruntled customers without a single shareholder
blinking an eye. Sure, vote with your pocketbook -- but I worry it will do
no good. <

Wes has made this point before and it is a good one.  The fact is that the
terrain at VT's two best ski mountains, MRG and Mansfield exists in its
present form because of benign neglect.  The details of the story are
totally different but the bottom line is benign neglect in both cases.
Interesting!  Everything comes with a price.  FWIW I believe MRG's trails
are the best and Mansfield's off piste is the best, the latter by a wide

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