So how does all this Stowe bashing,,,,,err critique-ing impact on the annual party??  I hope they don't read all this and refuse to give us a break on the group tickets. My .02 is I would agree with Bruno *if* Stowe charged $25 prime vacation time tickets.  From my own perspective only, if they wanted to be rude and snooty I would do like Dana and the only contact I would have is the ticket seller and maybe a thank you to the lift attendants if they did a courteous job.  OTOH, since they do charge a ridiculous rate, I would expect them to be all sweet and pleasant and roll out the red carpet.  You should get what you pay for **all around**regarding the ski experience and you _do_ pay for it at Stowe.  (and a lot of other places)      Jimski 

Denis Bogan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Re: Those who say nobody should go to that facility for lunch in a holiday
week. They don't get it either. I was with some of the extended family,
a financially comfortable physician and his kids. They love to ski but
his professional responsibilities and their school and school related
activities severely limit their opportunities. They chose the lunch
place. It was their day and while Jim and I were showing them ski
terrain, we were not trying to dictate all the choices. In short these
people are representative of the resort's bread and butter, Christmas week
vacationers, the kind of people who make or break the season. To have a
service disaster such as we encountered anywhere on the mountain is proof
that management just doesn't get it. That those of us "in the know" would
have avoided it is highly irrelevant. The "in the know" people are a
minority, the majority are the thousands of one week a year vacationers.
They pay the bills. Management seriously dessip off my family and they
are probably not going back real soon. We spent the next day at MRG where
all had a good time and went home happy.

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