All this talk about food made me feel like I had to work off some
calories.  So me and buddies Nate & Justin got left for the trailhead and
arrived at the undogly hour of 11:00A.M.(Don't they understand that
vacationing teachers need some sleep?)

So what about those conditions?  Well, at least the skin up was easy.  The
way down through the trees was ugly ugly ugly crust.  Definitely one of my
worst two days of the season so far, conditions wise.  Not that I didn't
have fun hop turning down.  I figure skiing that parc makes me a better
skier eventually, right?

I did however learn why so many of you ski there so often, and it has
nothing to do with the trail itself.  Jeez is that some beautiful terrain
to be had off to the...

Did see 2 guys on Jaks tear it up with serious style, where I was only able
to prove that I wasn't worthy.

Looks like tomorrow will be a day for putting the light touring gear to use.

As for food, Amy is cooking an elegant dinner for 4, with the main course
being short ribs in a sauce made with a couple of different types of
chiles, garlic mashed potatos, and Justin is bringing over a flourless
chocolate cake.  There are 4 bottles of eniw, 1 for each course of the
meal, and a variety of fine reebs as well.  All of this will be served with
many smiles and fine conversation.

Happy New Year to all,
and may we all get to ski with each other in the coming year.

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