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> They also know that customers paying top dollar
> might expect top dollar service.  What a
> concept.  So it is really the generals and not the
> foot soldiers that deserve the blame.

Well it IS $teaux after all.  Shouldn't we have
learned by now to expect their pompous attitude with
little offered in return?  If you want to ski the
State's best mountain be prepared to pay through the
teeth (or get yerself a headlamp and some skins) and
put up with a healthy dose of arrogance.

OTOH, Stratton does get it.  Like skivittler's recent
experiences at Boogersush and Bromley, I was very
impressed by the helpfullness and friendliness of the
staff at Flatton.  There was someone stationed in the
cafeteria to gently remind people not to store bags
there (of course, nicely explaining where the various
proper places to store gear were) and gladly answering
a multitude of questions.  Instead of cheap plastic
lawn chairs and tables a la $teaux, they had new,
comfortable, durable tables and chairs.  Flatton gets
it, if you're going to pay a lot for the muffler,
you're going to get one lleh of a quiet ride.

--Matt K.

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