Here is my $0.02....

Considering Killington, they could care less
about ssiping off a $72 day ticket customer.
The customers they care about and will bend
over backward for are the big spenders.  There
are plenty of customers who don't care about
the price of a ticket, or even the price of
lodging.  They just had the crown prince of
Thailand and his entourage of about 50 people
in the Grand Hotel and Highridge.  This one
visit resulted in more profit for the resort
than Denis Bogan's entire lifetime of skiing.
Consider this - the crown prince didn't like
the glasses in the condo - sent a K person to
Albany to get $8,500.00 worth of silverware
and china.  He didn't like the excercise
machine either - bought his own $4,000.00 unit.
Abandoned the stuff to K when he left.  I'm not
saying it's right to ignore the little guy, but
the best customer service people (like my wife)
are placed in front of guys like this, not at
the cafeteria serving $5 burgers.

Mr Mogul
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