Scott summed it up well. Pabst Peril was the bump line du jour that he
mentioned, and Sunder was a blast, but with gaping bare spots on such a
narrow trail.

1. Meeting up with Scott and his friend Katie. We had a blast. Always nice
to meet more plaid in person, and Scott's a heluva nice guy and a heluva
2. My kid actually having to wait for me on our last bumper down Peril. I
was pooped. He's only been skiing 15-20 times now, and this was a first. A
terrific first.
3. Losing the sunglasses that I bought in Courchevel, only to discover later
on that someone had turned them in to Lost & Found. They're cheap sunglasses
<cue ZZ Top here>, but they have a sentimental value. Hats off to whoever
turned them in.
4. Having lunch on the deck in the 51-degree sun.
5. A repeat of Sugarbush's friendly staff, even in the face of holiday
crowds. Smiles and encouraging comments all around from the staffers at

1. <cue the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz here> "I'm melting.
Mellllllllting!!!" Dang, it was going fast.
2. The aforementioned human slalom.
3. Losing Scott & Katie at lunch, only to finally find them again on the
last run of the day. (Geez, Scott, we weren't getting in the way, were we??
4. That darned fuzz leading the whole way from Bennington to Manchester as
I'm trying to make up for a late start.
5. Again ripping out the edge that I just paid $50 to have fixed.
6. The painfully heavy eyelids on the drive home. One day this season I'll
have to try skiing on more than 4 hours of sleep.

Looks like we'll be back at Bousquet tomorrow night after work...if they
have any cover left.

Marc Guido, Editor and Publisher
First Tracks!! Online Ski Magazine
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Loudonville, NY 12211 USA
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> We got a late start to the day, I figured it was alright since we'd let
> the snow soften up from its overnight freeze.  We got there around 10ish
> and the holiday crowds were there as well, but certainly not as bad as it
> probably was on Saturday and Sunday.
> In the lift line, I feel a little tap on my it turns out Marc
> Guido is right behind me as well along with his son.  Its their first run
> too.  Cool.  As it turned out, I was only a few cars behind him on the
> drive here.  There were too many speed traps and police on rt. 7...luckily
> neither one of us got nailed, but thats only because we were following one
> of Bennington's finest.
> Looks like we didn't have to wait for the snow to soften.  It was above
> freezing at the higher elevations all night apparently.  The snow was
> going fast.  I don't know trail names at all, but there was one or two
> good bump runs off of the Blue Ribbon quad which had no line all day.  The
> HSDQ from the base had a line all day, but nothing more than 5-10
> minutes.
> Snow was very soft with the manmade base under it which led to a little
> scraping between the mushy bumps.  Three-quarters of the runs were of the
> human slalom variety, but the empty ones we found were great.  Plus, its
> always fun to run gates around people isn't it?  You never know what their
> next move is going to be.  Maybe that will eventually be a new X-Games
> event...a GS with moving gates.
> Weather was awesome for spring skiing.  It was nice at the time with temps
> in the low 50's at the base and sunny all afternoon...but in hindsight, it
> is late December so it shouldn't be time for the sunglasses and stuff just
> yet.
> -Scott
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