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  Subject: Legislative Public Hearing

  The Local Government Committee is holding a Public Hearing on February 5th
from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm to hear from Town Clerks and other interested
parties on the establishment of a Municipal Land Records Commission. This is
the product created by the summer study committee. The Local Government
Committee has been taking testimony and is very interested in moving this
bill. Please set this date aside if you are interested. For further
information, please contact me at 893-4111.

  In reference to short form mortgages, I only received six (6) responses on
the email sent last week. I guess that I have to assume that this is not a
big issue with anyone. I have reported to the Local Government Committee
that those that did respond do agree to the $80.oo flat fee for the mortgage
and I also suggested that along with the $80.00 fee a $10.00 additional fee
would go toward the Preservation Fund. I believe that the committee intends
to move this bill as soon as possible as well.