Here in Pittsfield, searchers pay at time of service.  Even locals.  Only
under special circumstances do they leave with a bill.  I started this
policy when I started here in 1991.  I got a lot of grief at first, but it
works great and no one complains anymore.  They just know to bring payment
with them.  I have enough to do without trying to track down payments.
Looks like I am meaner than you!

Patty Haskins
Pittsfield Town Clerk/Treasurer
40 Village Green
Pittsfield, VT 05762

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Subject: charge atts for researchers

I was wondering how many clerk's offices allow title searchers to run a tab
for their vault time and copies. When I came to Middlebury it was normal
procedure and I don't find much of a problem with it except that we don't
send bills out on a reg schedule and a few people get way behind on their
pmts. I am just about to implement a system of billing on a reg schedule and
charge interest on accts after 30 days. I also plan to suspend charging
privleges on accts after 60 days. I don't want to completely shock our
clientele and was wondering what other clerks do.

Currently if a searcher does not have an acct with us I will not give them a
bill. They must pay at the time of service. Lately I continually hear how I
am the only clerk in the State that is this mean. Am I the meanest clerk in
the State?!!

Ann F. Webster
Middlebury Town Clerk/Treasurer
94 Main Street
Middlebury VT 05753