Hi all,

I am going to use this as an example to show how you can use the
listserv, and to answer a few other questions.

First, whenever you are doing an assignment or studying for an exam, you
can send your questions to
        [log in to unmask]
Abide by the guidelines in the two welcome messages you received, e.g.,
in this case, the student would have used the subject
        NR 103: can't get second axis
Recall that I (and all of the other instructors in the three courses)
will be truly impressed and grateful if a student posts a helpful reply,
so don't be shy about helping someone deal with a problem you have
already figured out! Beyond that, if the reply comes from one of the
instructors the person who originally posted the question will have done
everyone a favor since surely others are dealing with the same problem.

Second, in case others of you were having trouble with getting your
precipitation data on a second y-axis, were wondering what the listserv
is all about, or were wondering whether you can ask questions about NR
103 or 104 during 105 ... see my reply to __________ below.

Finally, Caroline and Scott were not bluffing: we will make important
announcements via the listserv! If your friends aren't signed up yet
(and about thirty students in the courses are not), they aren't getting
this message. Tell them to sign up!


> Hi __________,
> 1. To get the format menu for the data series ...
>     - click somewhere outside of the chart (just to be sure nothing else in the chart is selected)
>     - click ONCE on one of the pink dots (or whatever color your precipitation data points are)
>     - go to the format menu, and there should be an axis tab, and you should be able to follow the directions from there.
> 2. How a listserv works ...
> Now that you have subscribed, you can send a message to all subscribers by addressing your message to [log in to unmask] It would have been great for you to send your request for help with the climate diagram to the whole list because other people are having the same difficulty. Another student may have already figured out how to solve your problem, and could have posted a helpful reply. Alternatively, I could have replied to the whole list so that everyone who was having this difficulty could have seen my reply.
>     Don't send your climate diagrams to the list because you just want to send them to me.
>     As for asking questions about NR 103 and 104, it would be better to stay on task in your NR 105 meeting -- ask me or Bethany or Clare or Kendra your questions during our office hours, or via e-mail, or by setting up an appointment. Or use the listserv :-)
> Kristian
> __________ wrote:
>> Hi, I am having trouble with the homework assignment due on tuesday.  I can't
>> seem to be able to get a secondary axis for the precipitation.  The format menu
>> on the tool bar in excle does not have an axis tab and I have been trying to
>> figure it out for over an hour.  Also I don't really understand how to use the
>> listserve, I am signed up for it but don't know what I am expected to do with
>> it from now on, is that where I send my climate diagram?  Sorry but I am
>> confused and either need to set up an appointment with you or if you could
>> email me an explination that would help.  I want to be able to hand in my
>> homework assignment.  I have nr105 in an hour, is that where I can ask
>> questions on material for this class and 104?
>> thanks for your help, __________

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