Hi all,

First, a reminder that there will be a quiz in NR 103 at the beginning
of class next Tuesday.
        Subject matter:
        - Today's lecture on climate and terrestrial biomes
        - Molles' Chapter 2
Recall "It will be just like an exam, only shorter  its purpose is
partly to give you an idea of what to expect from the first exam, which
will be given two weeks later."

Second, for those of you who prefer to read ahead, Tuesday's lecture
will, in part, cover the "Water in a changing world" supplemental
reading, which you can obtain from
I will also cover parts of Molles' Chapter 3.

Third, for my own benefit I put together a schedule of due dates in the
three courses. I posted it on the web; you can get to it from the NR 103
home page, or by clicking on

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