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>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004 17:11:45 -0500, Michael Bernstein
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>I'm just going to have a little conversation with myself here.  After
>resigning to the fact that there would be little, if any snow in the
>for VT in the next 36 hours, I read the Skiing Weatherman.  He seems to be
>towing the party line on a 4-8" snowfall for Stowe northward.  To wit:

Hey, anything is possible.  I'd still like to see a little more in the way
of moisture as model generated QPF doesn't get above .1 on any model.
Thus a 40 to 1 ratio would be necessary to generate even 4 inches of
snow.  But, as has been seen earlier in the year and in past situations,
the models underplay these types of events.  I think the NWS has gotten
themselves into a jam now because they went from 4-8 with locally more, to
a 50% chance of snow showers and the last thing they want to do now is
raise snowfall chances and amounts after dropping them completely...I
still think it will be somewhere in between nothing and 8 inches.  Romer
seems like the best bet with his 1-3 inches although 6 inches of fart-able
snow at Jay Peak shouldn't surprise anyone.


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