Grand Targhee.

Just back from a week at Alta/Powder Mtn.  Powder Mtn was powder pig
heaven.  You can ski off the backside of 2 lifts down to a road where a
shuttle picks you up.  Oh yeah, and for $7 you can have a cat tow you to
another ridge in case seeing another track on lift-serv while you plow
through freshies 3 days after a storm is too much for you.


>Next week I'll be travelling to Jackson with a couple of my cousins for a
>few days of skiing in what should be some pretty good conditions.
>I'd like to call upon the knowledge of the list for ideas about where to
>head to find some of the better spots that don't draw every yahoo on a
>powder day.   It doesn't have to be hell steep or super gnarly to be good
>my book,  but I certainly prefer the lesser skied areas.

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