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> When there's powder I like to ski the Hobacks. To me it's some of the
>powder terrain anywhere in the world. The "secrets" are all OB and hiring
>guide is the key. Jackson hole runs their own guide service. The cost is
>somewhere around $400 for the day (don't forget to tip). Money well spent.

$400 a day for lift-served BC? Was the KY free at least?
I'd hope so if I got bent that far over...

Todd, I'm semi-committed to a 2 night hut trip in CO next week (21 & 22),
but if I can make it up to Jackson I'd love to show you around. I have a
spare beacon/probe/shovel on hand (don't ask why). A beacon is actually a
good idea for in-bounds at Jackson, most people there wear them all the
time (totally different world from Steamboat, where most people couldn't
tell a Tracker from a cell phone). I'm no local, but I know in- bounds
Jackson pretty well and enough OB to keep you occupied (and safe, BUT ...
before you chime in Tag, I'm no pro guide and won't pretend to be). I
couldn't really begin to give hints, it's a big place. Basically the
harder you work to get to something (like Headwall and Casper Bowl), then
the more likely you are to ski powder. Hit the Hobacks first, they tend to
get hammered fast. Pick a line skiers left, people tend to gravitate right
due to rampant and contagious One-bowl-further-over Syndrome.  Anyway,
what days are you there?

No snow in Steamboat for quite some time, a few weeks. But the cold and
dryeth has produced like 6 inches of surface-hoar on north/northwest
aspects. Reaaaaally fun to ski in. It's like feathers. I just hope the
snow that's predicted next week won't be on the heavy side. Could send avi
conditions from low to no-go in a hurry.

Yesterday Duffy and I put in a research day and figured out the
best/easiest access to the Flat Tops. Looks like  unlimited 500-1000 vert
yo yos and really STEEP terrain. It reminds me of the Chic Chocs actually,
very similar topography. With a snomo you could get within a mile or two
of the goods (maybe even closer if you can get up on top of Little Flat
Top). As is  it's a 3-4 mile approach. Crazy thing is there appeared to be
almost NO slide activity on what are probably 35-50 degree pitches well
loaded up. In Summit County stuff is going off all over, some quite big
and right to the ground. Yampa Valley snow is so stable it's scary.
Probably has a lot to do with the general lack of wind and generally
consistent snowfall.

Anyway with all the driving around and head scratching we only got one
1000 vert run in on a nice aspen pitch. Like I said, feathers. It was
pretty surreal. The area looks pretty much untouched by skiers ... mostly
because Steamboat area skiers are by and large whoses.

Today Matt had to head back to Summit Co to be in a parade (something
involving a bunny costume, don't ask...) so I did some more research,
skinning up a flank of Buffalo Mt above my sister's house to get a good
look into Fish Creek. Got a bit discombobulated in a gully on the way up
while attempting to avoid private property. There were post-holes
everywhere in there and a whole lot of yellow and brown snow. Further up I
found the source of the problem, about 50 elk, all of which stopped what
they were doing (basically eating, gnissip, and gnittihs) and stared at me
from the ridge above. Nmad post-holers should be shot ... and then eaten.

Anyway, I finally made it up to the ridge at a ripe hour, something like
5. Snapped the photo I wanted of Fish Creek (my new trail map), then
shoved off. More deep feathers, open aspens, good pitch, and a nice sunset
to boot. And it only cost me a kudos bar.


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