Jerm wrote:
> >guide is the key. Jackson hole runs their own guide service. The cost is
> >somewhere around $400 for the day (don't forget to tip). Money well spent.
>$400 a day for lift-served BC? Was the KY free at least?
>I'd hope so if I got bent that far over...

That's the wrong way to look at it. The fee is for the guide, not the lift
served BC, and is about what you'd pay for a full-day private instruction.

As a reference point, Alta is running guided snow-cat skiing in Grizzly
Gulch, an OB/BC area east of and above Alta. They bring you up to 10,500'
(which happens to be the high point of the 3 highest lifts within the ski
area), giving 1500' vert. in a 375 acre area. A group is up to 11 skiers
and snowboarders - they provide a continental breakfast, orientation, two
guides, heated snow-cat, and promise 5 runs. The cost is $225 *per person*.

So in comparison, $475* for an all-day guide on lift served BC, which
includes BC safe travel instruction, with a max group size of 5, seems
pretty reasonable.

* the info page for the guide service is at:


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