fsc mrg: 1/16

had my own ski club
of one yesterday
with a quick foray
to bad liver--
whoa tele! the wind!
euphonic eric's website
says six to ten this week,
every flake of which
is in the woods
or slabbed up on the sides
like aunt ute's special
bread--holy windslabs,
batman! get ready for
the brakes to be applied!
and a little "frozen granular"
underneath--so i stuck
to the friendly confines
of birdland's trees
after a quick stay at
the nature hut below slalom
where the wind swirled
and raged and scoured
in and around every crevice
of the bumpy iceland above.

i'd say it's a good day
to take it bc, or at least
keep to the trees.


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