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Maybe I've missed a current thread on the list about
this, but an experienced NH park ranger died of hypothermia
on South Twin.
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According to the NH Fish and Game web site the hiker was a fellow named Holmes
from Athol, MA......

Within a few miles of the same spot, two physicians from Dartmouth Hitchcock
Medical Center, one of whom was a world renowned Arctic explorer and back
country skier died of hypothermia.....
Their names were Quinn and Miller and they were flying from Berlin to Lebanon,
NH when their aircraft got caught in a whiteout or had icing problems and crash
landed near Bond.....their injuries were only modest and they lived from some
time before succombing to hypothermia and starvation......they kept detailed
diaries which are available at Baker Library, Hanover, NH.......this tragedy
occurred about 1960.

Hugh H

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