Jim Crowly wrote:

"I am again amazed that 18-19 year old boys spent the night up
in there rather than walking out by evening given the snow conditions of
6-12 inches of light powder overlying a solid base (ideal for traveling on
flat ground on skis or even on foot). From where they had to stop skiing
because it becomes too flat, it would have been no more than a 2 hour walk
to Wheelerville Road. But then again I am forgetting that many lost skiers
panic and start hiking back up the mountain once it flattens out. With these
relatively good traveling conditions, one could walk back to the top in an
hour or two. But again I am forgettting that a pair of lost teenagers could
panic and wander in circles rather than making decisive actions."

Also, let's not forget what gets teenage boys out to Cooper's Cabin on a
cold day in the first place.  I can see paranoia setting in and them taking
incredibly indecisive action.  Hiking up hill saying this sucks; hiking
down; following the drainage uphill instead of down.  Sounds like the boys
should have done their homework before clouding their minds.


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