binding talk,  I love it,  the evolution continues.

Matt is correct about clamping the hardwire to the heel piece.  The heel
piece has a 'recess'? in the back that allows you to close the cable throw
on it with the heel throw laying down on the ski.  It will have to be
located on the ski with the back edge of the heel piece in line with the
heel of the boot so the closed tension is the same, or close.

It seems that the best way to tour a 3-pin hardwire would be to remove the
cable assembly completely.  DO NOT install the orange hardwires as Voile has
described in the installation instructions.  They have you attach the cables
with the hook down.  When the binding is installed like this,  there is no
way to remove the cables without removing the toe piece.  I called Voile
about this and they agree that installing the cables as they have described
would be silly.

I have to agree with Denis on the backcountry validity of the VPII.  When it
goes,  it's gone.  There is a growing fleet of 3-pin hardwires around
MadRiver.  I have my eyes on the toe to see how much those hinges can take
before self destruction.  Even with a topless toe there is still plenty of
binding left to work with in the backcountry.

>From: Matthew Kulas <[log in to unmask]>
>Yes, it can on both the 3-pin Hardwire and the
>Hardwire.  (This is assuming that the heel piece is in
>the proper position.)

>--- "Mann, Dave" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Does anybody know if the hardwire cable can be
> > affixed to the ski deck via the heel piece like
> > the slinky can?

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