This January central NY has been blessed with a continuous light snow that
just won't quit. Winds from the north pick up moisture off Lake Ontario
producing a very fine and light snowfall over Greek Peak. Every day 1-3"
refresh the already powdery surfaces. Supplemented by man-made snow with
the consistency of talcum powder, the conditions have been stellar. Sure
the temperatures have been challenging, but this is why the snow quality is
so good.

Tele-tuesday is a popular night out amongst the pinheads. Last night with
temps in the single digits and windchills below zero kept many people away,
but the pinheads still outnumbered the fixed healed skiers.

The toughest part about night skiing is making the transition from being
warm and indoors all day, to putting on heavy layers and going out onto the
frigid mountain. But once the mental hurdles are overcome nary a regret is
to be had once you are flying through the powdery snow in the cold snowy
night under the lights.

The skiing was excellent. So good that I'm going back tonite! My co-workers
are getting used to seeing my ski boots under my desk and hearing the sound
of ski pants walking through the office at 4:30. They all think I'm nuts.
They cannot fathom going out into the weather on such cold wintry nights.

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