What a delightful day!  Ski conditions rated about 5 out of 10 but what the heck, I was skiing and not working. Shirley and I did a lot of high speed cruising in crisp temps but definitely more bearable than last Saturday when we did Titus Mt.

It was day 1 for Shirley at Gore this season and day 3 for me.  Today was not really better than my first day in early Dec. and definitely not better than Dec 19th, my last day.  All trails that were open were hard---very hard, but carveable. Can zamboni be used as a verb?    The trails weren't groomed, they were zambonied.  It didn't really matter whether we skied Chattimac or Hawkeye or just Sunway or Showcase; it was all the same.  We did one run in Straightbrook glades and it was so-so.  I wonked a small root or stump hard enough to dislodge a small base weld in one of my skis and the snow cover just wasn't there.

I came to a conclusion that skiing is a lot like driving in another respect.  When car tires repeatedly run over snow in the road the friction generates heat and almost immediately there after the moisture refreezes as black ice.  I  bet the weekend holiday hoards of skiers created so much ski friction on the snow that it resulted in the same effect as tires on roads.  Scott gave such a fantastic write up last week or so about all the snow they blew and how great it was and we definitely have not had any melt downs in the past week or so.  So how does every possible trail become almost solid ice to the same extent without rain falling on it or high temperatures?

Lies was closed as was Rumor from the top.  They briefly opened Rumor from the low entrance and I got in one run.  There were a couple of two story high Hershey kiss style snow mounds as well as a lot of "as it froze" ruts and mounds from the snow guns.  They closed it and the patroller said they were concerned about the ice in the middle of it and were going to set up guns to remedy it.  What about the other 45 or so trails??  The North side quad was not running and no trials were open and  I don't think they have run the High Peaks double at all this season yet.

If we didn't have passes and had to pay full shot I wouldn't have gone.  Getting a day off and doing a lot of laid back cruising was definitely a plus.  The central Adirondacks just don't look like late January from a snow view point.  I would like to see pre-Christmas conditions return.      Jimski

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