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>What a delightful day!.... <snip rest>

Jimski brought up some good points and I noticed the same thing with
regards to the snowmaking and gradually getting firmer and firmer.  About
a week and a half ago when it was -25 or so, they were blowing the heck
out of everything and all of the trails were either very soft or very nice
chalky stuff.  As the week progressed and the snowmaking guns went to
rest, the trails got harder and harder and then last Saturday things were
still "ok" but definately a lot harder than they had been.  I'd suspect
that grooming the trails over and over for days without any added snow
didn't help the cause.  Maybe someone can elaborate but its probably the
lack of snow, evaporation, heavy skier traffic, intensive grooming (poor
grooming techniques are always possibly with Gore), ect.

Bottom line is they should've just left the guns on.

Jim, do you know when they opened the Straightbrook glades?  On Saturday
it looked good to go, or at least till it got chewed up, and so did Double
Barrel.  Upper Chatimac woods needed more coverage but the Straightbrook
area looked clear.

The High Peaks double did run the weekend before Christmas...we were up
there the Saturday before the holiday week and they had it open.  Sunday
it was closed and it hasn't been open since then, even during the two
holiday periods between then and now.  I'd suspect it bit the dust or
didn't pass an inspection.  Either way, they don't seem in any hurry to
fix whatever it is that is stopping them from running the chair.  Maybe we
can get a new chair for next season?


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