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>(don't know if that was brought up or not earlier...)
>additionally, few people know this, but old honest abe was actually a one-
>time sugarmaker, wandering the north woods with a large blue ox, practicing
>law, tapping trees, and meditating on the human condition.

What in the world does Honest Abe have to do with this discussion? ;-)

If this goes on much longer, the plaidsters will be known as not only
incredibly fanatic about skiing trees, but also as incredibly knowledgeable
about the trees we ski.

And I forgot to mention this conversation I took part in on a SB liftride a
couple of weeks ago:

Woman(spying my plaid hanging on my helmet):  You're one of those Green
Plaidster People, aren't you?

Me:  Yep

Man:  What's a Green Plaidster Person?

Woman:  There this underground gang of hardcore skiers.

Wow, what a reputation we carry!  Turns out she's a friend of Todd Fischer.

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