On Jan 15, 2004, at 9:01 PM, David Guertin wrote:

> Hi folks,
> The crowd of skivittlers whose birthday this happens to be (namely the
> Great Plaid One and yours truly) assembled today at Mad River Glen to
> celebrate.

And do I feel my age. I think i pulled by left hip out of it;s socket,
and my lower right leg is attached to my upper right leg via a frayed
and rotten swath of fabric passing through the knee joint.

> MRG marked the day in true MRG style by designating it "Freeze Your
> Buns Off Day", and selling lift tickets for $15. At least, oh, a dozen
> people showed up at the mountain

I counted 25 cars in tthe lot when I goy there at 11. There were 4 when
I left at 4:20.
> The snow was in fine shape once we got off the wind-scoured trails. It
> was a good day to avoid the wind, ski slow, and ski hard.

One had little choice. Dense windblown powder at or near absolute zero.
Wax was futile: the snow crystals were so hard it was like skiing sand
dunes. Every turn was slow motion application of primitive monkey

> There was a bit of untracked to
> take care of, and I even had one very fun deep powder turn through a
> drift. Wesley was a great tour guide and steered us into some fun and
> easily overlooked stashes.

Just one powder turn? You weren't following close enough, then.

I'm patching myself up with chorklit brownies and Bugs Bunny cartoons
and handfuls of ibuprofen capsules, getting ready to do it all again

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