On Jan 17, 2004, at 10:33 PM, Jason Ross wrote:

> I fully expect someone (not sure who, though) to say that they had a
> good day somewhere in northern Vermont today.

I had a good day at Mad River Glen.

Dr Vickie and I dumped The Kid in Cricket Club in order to spend some
quality time together in Ski Vacation mode. We stuck mainly to groomers
with an occasional foray into light woods. Conditions were packed
powder, chowder, wind packed powder, and scraped off ice bumps. As long
as you avoided the latter through careful trail selection, skiing was a
blast. Highlights: Snail, Periwinkle Bowl, Chipmunk/Porcupine,
Porcubunny Woods, all of Antelope (once they cleared the snow shoe race
off). Screaming Death: Moody's, Canyon, anything under a chairlift.
Moody's was the real surprise: it was coated in a thick layer of powder
Thursday. All gone today.

Near day's end, we dragged The Boy out on skis again. He "discovered"
the Power Wedge, all on his own. I'd try to break him of it, but let's
face it: it's served me well the last 37 years.

Sights: Fools running uphill on snowshoes; Lars shredding Chute; Josh
Tower back from Galapagos; Ranger Renson digging a snow pit at the top
of the double (is it gonna slide, Mark?)

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