Put that shocked look on my face.

After refusing the deals offered by list members (Thanks guys, I was
just beat after coming up from Boston.) I decided to tag along with the
GF and one of her friends up to Smuggs.

Bright sun making clouds of manmade snow into abstract rainbows, no
wind, bright blue skies. Trails were, on the whole, quite nice.
Groomers had soft, ultra-carvable corduroy. Woods had a few inches of
windblown powder.  The Jaks ate it up.  Normal scratchy areas were still
scratchy and un-fun, but the usual spots had drifts of great snow.
Lower Doc Dempsey's was a field of dreamy bumps.  And I didn't even get
out back, which I heard had drifts up to your knees.

Unfortunately, I fell on one of the previously mentioned groomers and
tweaked my knee  I spent most of the day at the bar chatting with
various people that wandered in.  Ended up taking a few groomer (ok, so
Pipeline wasn't exactly groomed) runs only to realize that I was burning
out my left quad pretty well and my right hardly at all. Hopefuly the
pain continues to diminish at the same rate and I'll be able to harvest
some of this week's snow.

Jason Ross wrote:
> I fully expect someone (not sure who, though) to say that they had a good day somewhere in northern Vermont today.  But, I'm not feeling very "glass half full", so I'll just say that it sucked.  The trails were as bad as I have ever seen them anywhere.  The woods were much, much better, but that's not saying much.  Very wind affected.  Some ~2" slab in places, just really dense in others.  I bailed on Bruno, K, and Mike around 1:00 because I just didn't feel it was worth keeping on.  Skipping on the planned Stowe trip tomorrow.
> Like I said, someone is sure to say "it was great!", but not me...
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