That's the word of the day. The cruisers at South...Jester, Spring Fling,
etc., were all groomed fast and fun. Ripcord was obvious from the lift to
contain windblown crud over ice bumps, so we avoided it. Never made it to

After riding the Slide Brook Express, we found the surface at North a.k.a
Mt. Ellen to be even better on the groomers. Hooked up with Todd Fisher
(good to ski with you again), never saw B&K, Bernstein, etc. Exterminator
was filled with fun albeit arythmic bumps of soft snow pockmarked with the
occasional icy patch.

We then got a "bright" idea to ski Slide Brook by entering from Rim Run.
Dumb, dumb, dumb. I have never seen wind crust like that, some 3" thick when
it slabbed. The wind damage is devastating with pine needles everywhere
coating the snow surface. It was tough to pull skis free of the crust and
actually execute a turn in there. More than 2000 vertical feet of survival
skiing later, we caught the Mad Bus back to the lifts. Honestly, it was a
humbling experience...I couldn't buy a turn with a million bucks.

Wanted: One Good Dump. Storms accompanied by wind need not apply.

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