Steady snowfall this morning in the Jersey highlands, and--more amazing than
that-skivittler company, made for a Mtn Crock Sunday as good as Friday was
bad. In fact, it was hands down one of my top two ski days ever in the
Garden State. Okay, the bar wasn't all that high but I'll take it, and given
the chance, I'd take it again.

Exiled by obligations from his K haunts, AndyD had graciously offered to
accompany me back to the scene of my recent ski nightmare and help dispel
the bad karma that lurks there for me in the icy flat trails and
garbage-strewn lift lines. Today I could hardly recognize the place formerly
known as Mountain Bleak. Some Jersey teen minimum wage peons had cleaned up
the soda and reeb cans, and a somewhat higher level New Jersey work force
was taking care of the snow. It kept coming down and the trails were a
pleasure to ski. Yes there were icy patches here and there but pretty easily
avoided if you stuck to the sides. And nearly everywhere was a sweet 2"
covering of fluff. That, folks, in New Jersey, is a powder day.

Got in a couple or three early runs on pass-holders "first tracks" hour then
heard Andy call on 13-8 at the appointed meeting time. Hoofed it over from
Granite to South to make extended use of their twin high-speed McBFLs. The
runs may not be steep, but they are long and you're back up in a flash.

What a pleasure to have company there. Andy took the opportunity to work on
his teles (nice, smooth, graceful turns) and I took the opportunity to
practice monomarks again. By the end of the day, I could really feel a
benefit in my non-drill, regular turns. And end-of-day was a full, solid 5
hours after its start. That's longer than I have ever wanted to ski MC at
one clip. Would've stayed longer if I hadn't promised the S.U., "oh it's
just Jersey, I'll be back before you know it."

That line won't work for a while now. The slipslushery highway drive home
didn't speed things up neither. But a white knuckler of 55 miles is a whole
different animal from a white knuckler of 300 and truth is, it felt good.


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