Hi Friends. There certainly seems to be a consensus developing that
"SwampfestNFC - French President's Week" should proceed.

Hmmm.... But how can we do it with maybe only 20-25 bodies?

ROADTRIP.  Yeah, that may be the ticket.  Consider it a throwback to Classic
SF I.  We'll all pretend we're 23 again.  I'll jump in my Blazer in Niagara
Falls on the afternoon of February 13, 2004  with a huge mug o' Tim's
stuffed in the console, and blast east down the I-90, stopping only to pick
up DickC and whomever else I can squeeze in along the way.  Using
cellphones, we'll link up in a convoy with other similar adventure-minded
skivt'ler folks up through Vermont and the rest of the northeast.

And then at last, we'll push like Plaid Gladiators onward into that great
white unilingual economic wasteland called "Quebec east of Quebec City".

The first night, we'll stop at Levi at the C$24pp Quality Inn.  In the
morning, we'll do the short drive and hit Massif Du Sud after grabbing our
pre-arranged C$20.00 group lift tix. After tearing up acre upon acre of
untouched double-black gladed, thigh-deep super-steeps we're off northward
to Le Baie and more cozy C$24pp lodging.

The short morning drive to Mont Edouard along the Saguenay fijord literally
flies by while we crane our necks in every direction, astounded by the
looming views.  An hour later, plaid is unleashed unto the vacant alpine
wonderland of rippin' single track steeps, icefalls, and loooong arcing
cruisers that is Mont Edouard (at C$20 pp I might add)

Retracing our steps somewhat that evening, we find ourselves emerging from
the highway darkness into the arctic urban oasis of Chicoutimi, where we
proudly fly the Plaid at some authentic French haute cuisine/nightlife
cafes, and later crash in comfy modern accomodations.  Making the short
jaunt to Le Valinouet next morning, we ski the guaranteed deepest, softest
powder we've ever skied in the northeast.  Why guaranteed?  Hey, it's Le

Travelling southward toward the St. Lawrence, perhaps we will stay our last
night in a quaint pension ("french" for B&B) near Le Massif or maybe in one
of the nearby small cities.  On the last morning, we will rip Le Massif
itself, justly famous for possessing the longest vertical drop with the best
views in the east, albeit interrupted by quite simply the best on-hill lunch
in North American skiing (Deer Valley included).

Whew! Finally, homeward bound after a fond farewell 'till next year.

Cost?  Right on about C$200 pp (US$150) plus a share of gas.  About the same
as a single day/night/eats at Stowe on Presi's weekend.  Plus, guaranteed
"best of times" with "best of ski friends".

Yep, it's a long drive home and a bleary Wednesday back at work.  However,
in return for the amazing memories engendered by the great company and
superb skiing, it's a small price to pay.  Just like it did to MarcG and me
after our memorable 2001 tour, this trip'll haunt you until you return.

So, leave the "too far" "too cold" "off the radar screen" whiners at home.
When we return, they'll still be whining, but the whining will then be about
the sucky skied-off conditions, crowds, horrendous prices, crappy
on-mountain food, and lousy service they were bombarded with by whosing out
of NFC.

I'm in.  Who else is?  You can't use cost or lost time from work as an
excuse for this one!  Consider this the official SF-NFC sign-up post.  Hey,
and front channel your intentions for all to share - enthusiasm is
infectious!   In fact, I'll keep a daily ski-vt tally on this one.

And, if we get enough bodies, I'll still arrange the bus.  If not, my
Blazer's on Saguenay auto-pilot.

Leigh Daboll
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