Jason Ross wrote:

>I shoulda gone to Stowe.  Damn.  :)  Believe it or not, I haven't ventured into the woods at Stowe yet this winter.  I really shoulda gone to Stowe.  I'll fix that this weekend.
Yes, you should have. Cold temps supposed to return this weekend.

>eh...  I thought those trails (stuff between Super Bravo and Castlerock) had a surface that bared no resemblance to snow.  I thought it was of the consistency that the grooming staff has to actively try to screw things up to get it that bad.  But, I'm still spoiled, I guess.
True, it was weird consistency, like McSludge. After you left, we had
our best runs of the day. Paradise a couple of times hiking pretty far
out. Worth it. Better snow. The trails at SB were the scariest iciest
things I have ever seen. Rumor has it that the trails at SB north were
much in better shape.

>And the way too friendly Sugarbush staff were wierding me out.  Vermont's own "Happy Valley"?
True, we were approached in the parking lot Saturday am by a mountain
host. Warm hello followed by "have you been here before", (yes),
followed by "108 open trails, all lifts open", (thanks, and unsaid by
us, it's 8 am could you leave us alone until the caffeine kicks in). The
staff at Sugarbush does appear to be on some kind of happy pills.

>I shoulda gone to Stowe...

- Bruno

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