Scott Braaten wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Jan 2004 10:28:30 -0500, Michael Bernstein

>>Obviously there are no specifics or guarantees this far out, but comaring
>>the upcoming period to those baselines is definitely saying SOMETHING.
>>Chromer, Doppler 3K, Skip - any insights for the Wx deficient amongst us?
> Since there isn't much action right now on the weather front (no pun
> intended) this is the thing may people are watching...and if this misses,
> at least the pattern looks like it could start to form more storms.

IMO, the pattern started changing late last week after the Arctic blast
passed by.  This week saw a 40-hour snowfall event for northern Maine
(Nadine skied 18" of incredibly light snow on Monday at Big Rock and it
snowed there most of yesterday too) and the mean trough of the jet
stream is starting to regress back towards the center of the country on
the models.  That means storminess.  If they think a Greenland block is
going to form, well that's even better (or worse if you're a "normal"

Given that western Maine has seen about a total of 12" since the last
rainstorm, and it's been too light and fluffy to make a difference in
the skiing, it can't come soon enough for me.  Hell, I wouldn't even
mind if the first storm started out with rain to help bond its new snow
to the bulletproof shiny layer we have.

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