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Can anybody comment from experience on the "power"
difference between the 3 pin cable slinky version and
the 3 pin cable hardwire version?  [Here, "power"
can mean whatever you want it to mean, including the
power to get TTips dudes to give smiling thumbs ups
of approval in the lift lines, I guess].  Related,
what kind of boots have folks skied in with both?

I'm not at all interested in the power diff of
the classic cable vs the hardwire, as pretty much
everybody accepts that the slinkys alone don't
have enough umph to keep a boot secure in the
toe box (a problem essentially eliminated by the
3 pin, imo).

Jerm, would like to hear more about why you think
the pinless hardwire gives a more positive fit.
You must have those cables crraaaaanked tight, no?

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