Dear List Members,

Our hospital library subscribes to UpToDate.  We provide it via our library
page on our Intranet through IP recognition and all staff on the physical
hospital campus can access it.

It has come to my attention that this version lacks a set of approximately
15 clinical calculators.  Both the individual subscription product and the
institutional subscription on CDRoM  not only contain the formulas for these
calculations, but these UpToDate versions will DO calculations for these
formulas if you submit numbers (such as O2 rates, creatinine levels, etc)

I called UpToDate and they informed me that the institutional web-based
version has not had the programming done to allow a user to perform these
clinical calculations AND that I was the only one who ever inquired about
this feature being absent from our version.

If your library also subscribes to the Intranet version of UpToDate and you
would like to have these clinical calculations enabled, WOULD YOU PLEASE
respond to me directly.
I will then send you a contact name so that you can ask to have this feature
added or I will forward to her the responses I get to let her know how much
interest there is in making sure our (expensive) Intranet version is

Many thanks,
Robin Ackley Hassig
Manager, Library & Multimedia Services
Danbury Hospital
Horblit Health Sciences Library
Danbury, CT. 06810
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